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Success Stories from a Fine Dining Restaurant

Linda, Office Manager at Adelaide's new rooftop bar & restaurant 2KW has come from a long career as venue manager. As soon as word got out 2KW had opened for business an average of 100 calls per hour were received. After much deliberation looking into several systems to help manage this huge influx of bookings, the decision was made to go with H&L’s BooKBooK. 

It felt truly liberating letting go of the paper diary. Wherever there was a phone and a computer or POS you could see a live update of all current bookings and enter new ones quickly and easily.

Having end to end integration with bookings & POS also meant that table status was visible, customer value or ‘MOJO’ was transparent and deposits for events could be efficiently handled.

Having experienced the efficiencies of H&L’s stocktaking & various other systems, the decision for 2KW to go fully integrated with BooKBooK was easy. BooKBooK is a very progressive brand, always developing and improving their software keeps them 1 step ahead of the modern day hospitality industry. 


Linda, Office Manager, 2KW

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