What can it do?

What Can BooKBooK Do For You?


BooKBooK is a simple, cost-effective tool. It places, you in control of your venue through intuitive café and restaurant table reservation technology.

BooKBooK coordinates all bookings, based around live yield within your venue. Customers can book online directly from the venue's website or over the phone with a few easy steps. The venue can also manage your walk-in traffic so you always know what your live availability is right up until the kitchen closes.

BooKBooK provides useful insights and relevant recommendations, enabling your staff to make the best possible decisions. It allows you get more out of every seat in your venue.


Once a booking arrives in your venue they can be seated through your electronic bookings diary.

Seated bookings will then have a countdown timer based on the amount of time you have allocated that particular size booking. This gives you a better understanding about when you can turn that table over again, and how frequently to attend your customers.

Table status can then be managed such as entree, main, and dessert. Deposits can be efficiently handled ahead of time such as dietary requirements, equipment necessary and favourite food items is always available right at your fingertips.


Venues that are running H&L or other affiliated Point of Sale Solutions can take their BooKBooK system one step further and place orders against their bookings.

Once a booking is seated a table is immediately opened transferring the booking details to the table so orders can be taken. Tables can be managed and all the priceless transaction data is stored in your own customer database, not anyone else’s.

Why does integration matter? Because it's the key to knowing your customers back to front. As soon as you key a customer details in, their history is instantly available including, regularity, punctuality, and average spend.

BooKBooK will also immediately flag customers who have been a no-show at your venue in the past.


The system really is that easy. BooKBooK is a cost effective management tool that focuses on the organic growth of your business.

It gives you all the tools you need to maximise occupancy within your venue, attract and encourage a new stream of customers to book your venue, and get the very most out of the diners in your venue right now.

BooKBooK takes care of the little stuff so you can go above and beyond with your service delivery to ensure that customers will come back to your restaurant, café, hotel, or bistro time and time again.

How well do you know your bookings?

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