Product Specifications

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The Desktop Application

  • Your electronic diary
  • Enjoy floorplan, booking list, and density chart views
  • Tells you exactly what your live availability is
  • Evenly distributes your bookings across the meal period
  • Sends out automated notifications to confirm bookings
  • Notifies you of your peaks and quiet periods
  • Allows you to implement multiple sittings
  • Search any customer or booking for future or historical
  • Top up any cancellations with waitlisted bookings
  • Put walk-ins OnQueue and send them a text when their tables ready

The H&L POS interface

  • Take & make bookings straight from the POS
  • Seat bookings then charge items straight to their table
  • Manage status’ such as entrée, main and dessert
  • Track walk-ins
  • Quick search existing customers in the database
  • Seamlessly handle deposits
  • Know when your next table will be available
  • Confirm guests & guarantee customers from the POS
  • Print booking lists
  • Manage waitlists
  • Know how long a customer has been waiting to order

The Online Booking Widget

  • Sits on your website / Facebook / Social media page
  • Never miss a potential booking
  • Operates 24/7
  • Allocates a table based on booking criteria
  • Labour & time-saving
  • Funnels customers into most appropriate time slots
  • Waitlist & OnQueue functionality
  • Ability to implement double / triple sittings
  • Communicate custom messages for specific days
  • New booking platform for new customers

The Client Portal

  • View booking lists from you mobile
  • Access point for graphical reports
  • View multi venues across a group
  • View live dashboard for your venues
  • Purchase online booking credits
  • Edit online booking controls