Benefits to a Winery

Benefits to a Winery

The chances are if you operate a winery you are going to have a mixture of spaces and rules associated with the different services that you offer. A booking for a tasting at the cellar door is going to differ from a booking in the restaurant, which will differ again from an event booking. BooKBooK is highly flexible and extremely reliable so no matter what type of winery you are, we have the solution to efficiently manage and centralise your bookings.

Wineries are usually highly adaptable to customer's needs, which is why we have created a solution that is highly adaptable to our clients needs. Managing your restaurant bookings is just the tip of the iceberg to how BooKBooK could benefit your venue. By implementing our system you have the ability to map any location or section that you take bookings, even if it is offsite. The flexibility of BooKBooK means you can allocate different deposit rules or payments  for respective areas, dining times or days when it comes to making or redeeming a payment. BooKBooK always notifies staff straight away and offers suggestions as how to best handle it.

Originating from South Australia, we are very clued in as to how the wine trade works and understand that a lot of the time is spent out in the vineyards. For this exact reason BooKBooK also comes with a 24 hour staff member which can take bookings directly from your website, Facebook or other media platform in the same manner you would in the venue. The booking widget allows customers to book tastings, events, or tables in a restaurant around the rules YOU set up and efficiently handles deposits and payments via our trusted payment gateway.

Whether it's a wedding that books out the entire venue, staggered tastings throughout the day to maximise your capacity or simply allocating a favourite wine to a regular customer so you know that's what they ordered when they last dined, BooKBooK has got you covered. Speak to one of our team experts today to arrange a live demonstration.


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