Benefits to a Table Service Restaurant

Benefits to a Table Service Restaurant

Whether it a small diner or multi sectional venue if you are a full table service venue imagine if.. you could see what tables you have available, what tables are booked, who has been seated, how long they have been seated for, who has placed their order, who has paid their bill and which tables need to be set for the next diners all at your fingertips.

BooKBooK gives you the ability to have complete transparency of your whole venue from anywhere in your venue. Table status is just one of the many ways BooKBooK places you in control of your diners. The desktop application also give you the ability to:

  • Automate the booking confirmation process via SMS or email in the inbuilt notification centre
  • Seamlessly handle deposits for larger group bookings
  • Identify customers dietary requirements, preferences and whether they have been a no-show in the past.
  • Add customers to a live queue so they can have a drink by the bar whilst they wait for their table
  • Spread your bookings across your meal period so you don’t have all your customers coming in at once.

Restaurant industry averages say that more than 60% of bookings are made either whilst you are in the middle of service or when the venue is closed.. This means you might drop the ball on more than half of your bookings due to the phone ringing out or the venue being unattended. Complimentary with your BooKBooK Desktop application is your 24 hour online booking widget, meaning you now have a 24 hour staff member that takes bookings based around your preferences and allocated tables according to live availability. You can sit the widget on any of your own media platforms such as your website, Facebook or Instagram and watch the bookings flow through.

How much time do you waste confirming your bookings? Topping up cancellations and sending out thanks for dining type emails? BooKBooK has a touchpoint you can use to contact your diners for any scenario, whether it's a reminder before they come in, a confirmation a day before or a thanks for dining message, BooKBooK has it all covered. The best part is it's all free through the notification centre.

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