Benefits to a Hotel Group

Benefits to a Hotel Group

Whether you run a centralized booking office that distributes out to all your venues or direct all booking traffic to the individual hotel, BooKBooK has got you covered. The Multi Venue drop down enables users to easily navigate their way through venues to quickly and easily see live availability and enter new bookings in. With the venue keeping track of walk-ins too, this means you can take last minute bookings right up until the kitchen closes.

Higher up the chain of the Hotel Group Stakeholders, having information such as how booked out your venue is, how each venue is tracking historically, and the ability to compare data venue to venue is accessible at any time from your pocket. The BooKBooK client portal will give you all this information plus much, much more. It is accessible from any web browser, meaning you can check it out on your mobile phone anywhere, anytime.

Depending on what type of venues are involved in your group will depend on what other benefits BooKBooK can bring. There are 2 ways of running BooKBooK depending on what service style your venue is

  • Restaurant Mode
  • Sticks & Buzzer Mode

You can configure this individually for each venue so the product is completely tailored to meet your needs. Integrating online, phone and walk-ins in the one place whilst having that data accessible from anywhere at anytime. Managing the bookings of a Hotel Group has never been so easy!


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