Benefits to a Cafe & Casual Dining

Benefits to a Café & Casual Dining Venue

Keeping costs low is always the number one priority for smaller hospitality venues but finding the balance between maintaining an efficiently functioning venue with as little staff as possible can be challenging.

BooKBooK is the one staff member you can always rely on, it operates 24 hours a day, is incapable of a sickie and is surprisingly affordable. The desktop application lives in your venue and does not rely on the internet. This is where all your booking and customer information is housed and safely secured with regular back ups. Here you can add dietary requirements, favourite food and drink and identify your best customers. Any staff member can deliver the exceptional service that will keep your customers coming back time and time again.

Online bookings are becoming an increasing necessity to capture that potential customer no matter what time they are thinking of making a booking. If you are a venue that does not take many bookings, BooKBooK will only book around your specified times and will funnel customers in based on your terms, not theirs.

Don’t have a website? Doesn’t matter. Your own personalised BooKBooK widget will sit on any of your own media platforms including Facebook, Instagram or wherever else you would like the URL to sit. The client portal is your internet based dashboard. If you are anywhere in the world but your café, you can still keep track of your bookings, historical reporting and live dashboards including your ROI for BooKBooK.


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