Benefits to a Bistro, Hotel & Buffet

Benefits to a Bistro, Hotel & Buffet

Hotels typically thrive off walk-in traffic and may assume that a 'booking system' is not going to be of benefit to them. This is where you're wrong. BooKBooK doubles as an efficient function manager, keeps track of your walk-in's so you always know what availability you have. It allows you to view all the data from anywhere in the venue so you no longer need to carry that big messy diary around with you and double hand information.

Let us paint a picture for you.. It's Melbourne Cup day you have multiple bookings in your beer garden section, your second dining area is booked out for a function which includes a $500 deposit, your restaurant section is fully booked, combined with a number of large group bookings spread across the rest of your venue. How you are able to manage this all through that huge messy diary is beyond us.

Let's break this down how easy it can be through BooKBooK:


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