M e e t   Y o u r   N e w   F r o n t   o f   H o u s e

Snapshot of features

  • Clear it then fill it

    BooKBooK makes a table available the moment your guests finish up. So regroup, smile and prepare to welcome in your next diners

  • No big fees from us

    BooKBooK will only charge you a small fee for each seat it fills. Minimum output, maximum return.

  • More dollars for you

    Thanks to increased availability and bookings, you'll have the ability to maximise your capacity sustainably.

  • Five-star service

    BooKBooK remembers customer names, preferences and contact details so you can deliver jaw-dropping service.

  • Big groups, low risk

    No show? No problem. BooKBooK handles cancellations efficiently and guarantees bookings with automatic collection of deposits.

  • Ultimate control

    Bookings are assigned direct to the table, so you know the who, what, why and where of each reservation.

  • Absolutely everybody

    If a customer's preferred time or date is not available, BooKBooK will offer suitable alternatives. Say yes, not no

  • Auto waitlist

    BooKBooK understands that some customers need to book "this date" at "that time". If it isn't available, we'll wait list them to ensure they are first in line when it frees up.

  • Target nearby customers

    Hungry diners can use the "On-Queue" function from their mobile to assess your availability and avoid waiting in line.

  • No guess work

    Live table status updates mean you can maximise table turnover and new reservations.

  • Future proof

    BooKBooK's reporting and analytics not only keep you on top of what is happening today, but also lets you see into the future and plan appropriately.

  • Make your POS work harder

    You can integrate BooKBooK with your POS, creating the holy grail of efficiency, reporting, and customer service capabilities.

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