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  • POS Integration

    Our mission is to build a marketplace that connects all hospitality and retail apps to venues via the Point of Sale. Doshii dreams of a world where ...

  • Product Specifications

    BookBook Restaurant Software and Online Booking Widget work together to replace your old, unreliable paper-based systems and our multi-user licence ...

  • What can it do?

    BooKBooK is a simple, cost-effective tool. It places, you in control of your venue through intuitive café and restaurant table reservation ...

  • Packages

    BooKBooK is available in two packages; BooKBooK Restaurant and BooKBooK Pro. The table below compares the two versions.

We're not saying BooKBooK is better than your staff.. but it is.

Reliable, on time and incapable of a sickie, BooKBooK is the ultimate staff member. Whether you are an independent venue or a large franchise, turf your reservations book and give BooKBooK a go.


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